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Does Your Electrical Wiring Need a Facelift?

When considering work to be done on a house, the wiring is easy to overlook.

Unless it becomes a real problem, it’s simple to take for granted. Wiring is installed in a way that we don’t notice it, and if our electronics get the power they need, we’re often satisfied.

The thing is, your wiring may be giving you signals that there is an underlying issue.

There are certain situations that, once you learn to recognize them, will indicate an issue in need of addressing.

Below we’ll look at what the signs are that you may need a wiring facelift.

Dimming Lights

Have you ever turned on the vacuum cleaner and noticed that the lights dimmed?

That can be a sign of an overworked circuit. A light’s electricity need is so low that you shouldn’t notice it drawing power. If a light is influenced by the use of other electronics, then you’ll want an expert to come in and assess that the wiring is still in good shape.

Tripping Circuits

The microwave is going, the toast is down, and the coffee maker is turned on. Suddenly, they all lose power.

A circuit board is designed to trip should too much power surge through it. It’s a safety feature that protects both whatever’s plugged into the circuit, but also to the house, as it prevents potential fire hazards.

Flipping the circuit back in is an immediate fix, but if this is a regular occurrence, then something isn’t right with the wiring.

Evidence of Heat On the Outlet and Switch Covers

Outlet and switch covers should be cool to the touch. The wiring must secure the electricity in a way that doesn’t create any residual heat.

If your covers are warm or hot to the touch or if there is evidence of scorching, then there’s an issue with the wiring. That’s evidence that electricity is escaping, which has the potential to be a huge threat.

Need for Extension Cords

Have you ever set up an entertainment unit and struggled to find outlets for all the different devices?

An extension cord is a quick fix, but it’s not a long-term solution.

If you find that you regularly need more outlets than you have available, contact a registered electrician. This need isn’t a sign that there’s something wrong with the wiring, necessarily. Instead, your current wiring doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Continuing to rely on extension cords to manage your needs is a risk. It can try and draw more electricity than the circuit can provide, which can lead to both wiring issues but cause harm to your electronic devices. These devices do have power needs that are very specific.

Final Thoughts on Getting a Wiring Facelift

Getting electrical work done isn’t exciting. You don’t have a new roof to look at or a sliding door to enjoy.

What you do get, though, is both peace of mind and more efficient energy use. Wiring is designed to function indefinitely without maintenance. If you do need work done, getting it taken care of properly will help ensure that you won’t have wiring issues again.

If you have any questions about wiring or wish to talk to someone about any issues you may have, reach out. We’re always here to help.

Signal Alarms and Electric is an electrical contractor in Southern California providing full capacity electrical contracting services for new construction, renovations, tenant improvements, service upgrades, exterior, interior and landscape lighting, retrofits and service installations in the Southern California/Los Angeles County area.

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10 Common Electrical Questions

With 51,000 fires every year being linked to electrical issues, it’s natural to be extra alert when you suspect an electrical problem in your home. For people with no background in the field, it can all see a little mysterious.

Read on to learn the 10 most common electrical questions people ask.

  1. Why Aren’t My Outlets Working?

One of the most common reasons outlets stop working is that a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) has been triggered. If your electricity accidentally gets rerouted the wrong direction or too much power is coming through your system, this breaker will be triggered. Go to your circuit breakers and see if something needs to be switched.

  1. Why Is My Light Flickering?

A common cause of flickering lights is that your bulbs are suffering from a bad connection. This could mean that you need to screw your bulbs in better.

It could also mean that you need to check for frayed wires along your line.

  1. What About My Flickering LEDs?

LED lights have trouble dealing with the powerful alternating current coming from your walls. Often, they fall out of sync with your line and they might flicker. As technology improves, this problem will go away.

  1. How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade My Old House?

An average single-family home wired decades or even a hundred years ago may not be built to handle all the needs of a modern family. Running a dishwasher, vacuum, and a few desktop computers can be a drag on an old system.

Whether you’re selling or staying in your home, there are a lot of good reasons to upgrade your home’s electrical wiring.

  1. Why Do Breakers Keep Tripping?

Be sure you distribute your high energy devices across several circuits. Running too many appliances at the same time will cause shorts and surges.

  1. How Much Will It Cost To Add Wiring To My Garage?

A shed or garage connected directly to the house is easier to wire than one that’s detached because you won’t need to run wires underground. Your power needs will determine price.

Consult with a professional to obtain pricing based on your specific wiring needs.

  1. Why Did My Doorbell Stop Working?

If you have a circuit tester, see that your transformer is still working. Otherwise, your doorbell might have just aged out of its lifespan.

Most doorbells can be replaced easily with two low-voltage wires.

  1. Should I Use CFLs?

Compact Fluorescent Lights are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs. This can save you money and lower your impact on the environment.

  1. How Much Should A Fixture Installation Cost?

For a small, simple fixture you can pay as low as $20. But for something heavier and more robust like a ceiling fan, you’ll need to include supports so they’ll be an additional cost. The overall price of your fixture will depend on both the type of item and the necessary items needed for installation.

  1. How Do I Find a Licensed Electrician To Answer My Electrical Questions?

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, contact us for information on finding a licensed electrician. With your family’s safety and the security of your home at stake, be sure you go with a licensed expert to answer your electrical questions.

Signal Alarms and Electric is an electrical contractor in Southern California providing full capacity electrical contracting services for new construction, renovations, tenant improvements, service upgrades, exterior, interior and landscape lighting, retrofits and service installations in the Southern California/Los Angeles County area.

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When to Upgrade Your Home Electrical Wiring

When it comes to knowledge of home electrical wiring, many homeowners are unaware. Most homes were built in the ’60s and ’70s, but have had few upgrades to their wiring since that time.

These electrical systems can’t withstand the energy needed to power the modern appliances of today. As a result, there are more than 40,000 fires a year caused by faulty or outdated home electrical wiring.

Could your home be next? It’s a scary thought, but it can happen at a moment’s notice.

To prevent a disaster from happening, we’ll go over the warning signs and what to look for in your own home. Ready to get started?

Faulty Home Electrical Wiring Signs

To tell if your home is in danger, there are some warning signs to take into consideration. Every home is different so you may experience one or more of these. They include:.

  • Breaker panel is constantly tripping
  • Light but noticeable burning smell
  • Flickering lights
  • Discolored or charred outlets and/or switches
  • Random loss of power in certain outlets

If you’re experiencing one or more of these warning signs, it’s time to upgrade your home’s electrical wiring. These are signs that a dangerous fire could start at any time. Knowing this now, let’s look at what could be the culprit.

Visible Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring is more common in houses built in the 1960’s and ’70s. Builders back then didn’t use copper wire like today.

Instead, they used aluminum as a cheap alternative. Even if your home has been renovated, aluminum can remain as part of the wire connectors.

It’s best to get a professional to replace those connectors, as aluminum is weaker and wears over time. If aluminum is not replaced, it can cause overheating, which wears away the metal, causing wires to arc.

Your Home Isn’t Outfitted With Enough Outlets

Lack of outlets means you’re relying more on extension cords and power strips. These can come in handy when needed sparingly, but not as a permanent solution.

When used as such, they can overheat, especially if they’re not the right gauge. The ideal gauge is 14 or thicker. When it’s thinner than 14, the wires can’t hold a lot of power.

The Lights Flicker When It’s Windy Outside

Faulty home electrical wiring doesn’t mean it starts within the home. The outside can be easily affected as well.

If your home has a Weatherhead connected to it, then this can be a source of an electrical fire as well. This is caused by frayed wiring, which shorts every time it’s moved.

You’re Selling Your Home

One huge often overlooked way to increase your home’s value is by upgrading the electrical. Potential buyers want a new home that’s deemed safe. Sometimes that’s more important than having a remodeled kitchen.

If it isn’t up to code, buyers will want a steep discount. This makes up for them having to redo the electrical themselves.

You want to sell your home at top dollar, right? Then investing in new electrical is the way to go.

Wrapping Up

Electrical is nothing to be played around with. If you suspect something isn’t right with an outlet or wire, don’t ignore it.

Fires started by faulty wiring can be deadly. Ensure your family’s safety by having your wiring upgraded or at least have it checked out by a professional.

We know what it takes to have a safe and livable home. Schedule an appointment by contacting us today!

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5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Electrician

DIY Vs Professional Electric Work

In the age of YouTube tutorials, the DIY electrical repair route might tempt you. But DIY electrical repair could cost you more in the long run, including your life.

When you have an electrical issue, don’t hesitate to call a qualified professional electrician with the proper training.

In case you’re on the fence about hiring one, this article will cover five big benefits of hiring a professional electrician to handle anything from a minor repair to an overhaul of your wiring.

Let’s get into it!

  1. Protect Your Electronics

A power surge is a spike in electricity. These spikes can destroy your electronics, costing you thousands of dollars.

Lightning strikes, even if they don’t hit near your home, are a known cause of power surges. But your own appliances can cause a damaging power surge too.

If your home has faulty or weak wiring, it might not absorb the surge of electricity when your fridge or oven comes to life. That can trip your breakers and damage your electronics.

An electrician can upgrade your wiring to reduce damage from power surges.

  1. Protect Yourself from Electrocution

An electric shock can land you in the hospital with major injuries and can even kill you.

No matter how many tutorials you watch, you’re years behind an electrician in terms of knowledge and experience. In a repair situation, there are factors like faulty wiring or standing water to consider.

A professional electrician knows how to keep themselves safe, even in perilous situations. They have the equipment and training to perform a repair or installation without injury.

Do your family a favor and let an electrician handle the dangerous stuff.

  1. Keep Your Family Safe

Electrical problems cause about 51,000 home fires a year. Faulty wiring or improperly installed electrical devices cause many of these fires.

Those electrical fires also cause approximately 500 deaths a year. An electrician keeps your family safe by recognizing and addressing any safety issues in your wiring.

Even if you hire an electrician for one job, they might spot another issue you hadn’t noticed. That professional insight can also save your family’s life.

  1. Save Money with a Professional Electrician

Not only are fires a danger to your family, but they’re a danger to your property. If you’re not at home to notice and stop a fire, it could take out all of your belongings.

Insurance can help, but you’ll still be out thousands of dollars and cherished memories. Save yourself the money and heartbreak by having an electrician do the work right.

Plus, electricians can make recommendations to make your home more efficient. They install fans, A/C units, and lighting options that save you electricity and money.

Although you need to pay more upfront than a DIY project, it’ll save you thousands in the long run.

  1. Accurate Work and Peace of Mind

There are many potential dangers due to an improper A/C installation, including damage to your A/C unit or electrical system. Shoddy DIY work can destroy your home and property.

Electricians have years of experience and training behind them. When you find a quality professional electrician, you can trust in their work. That brings you and your family peace of mind.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to electrical work, the “D” in DIY should stand for “danger”. By doing it yourself, you’re putting yourself, your family, and your property in danger. You simply don’t have the experience and knowledge to diagnose your electrical issues and repair them.

A professional electrician protects you from all of these issues, while providing you a resource to keep your home functioning effectively. They save you thousands in the long run by doing the job right and provide priceless peace of mind.

If you need help or have questions about electrical repair, contact us.

Having Solar Alarms Los Angeles Ca: The Advantages

solarThe worries of modern life have made it very easy to forget about the upkeep of your home, thus emphasizing the need for a home automation system.  According to, 4.6 million Americans have had it installed as of 2015 and this number is expected to balloon to 24.5 million by 2020.  The traditional power source is the non-renewable fossil fuels.  Knowing its characteristic, it is imperative to opt more sustainable alternatives such as Solar Alarms in Los Angeles Ca.

Harnessing the sun’s power is slowly gaining popularity in the home automation industry because of its cost-effectiveness.  The capital required for solar panels may be pricier, but the investment can be returned in as little as four to eight years. The fact that Solar Alarms offer competitive rates for the installation and for its services is one of the many testaments.

Also, the wide range of electrical services they offer eliminates the need to go somewhere else. Decades ago, the technology was not yet as developed and was expensive.  Opting solar energy then was purely out of love for the environment.  Today, it is the most practical and budget-friendly option out there. There are many advantages of switching to solar power.

Los Angeles Solar Alarm systems are more reliable than being connected to the grid alone.  Power outages are a common problem, having the possibility to disrupt your access to your appliances and to your security system.  It is true that even without electricity from the grid, the automation devices can still be powered by lithium-ion batteries which you need to replace from time to time.  When a storm comes, lithium batteries might just keep you safe.  However, the main reason for getting a home automation system is for you to give more focus on other matters like cooking dinner or simply relaxing. To put simply, not having a solar-powered one defeats the purpose of having an automated system.

Lastly, it is clear that the government encourages the switch to Solar Alarms in Los Angeles Ca and other more sustainable energy sources as they reward tax incentives for its usage.  The Internal Revenue Service, through Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, gives a 30% rebate for all solar equipment placed before 2020.  For the systems installed in 2020 and 2021, a tax credit amounting to 26% and 22% respectively are awarded.  In home automation as well as in other functions, this is the best move.  Not only do you save in electricity bills in the long run, the tax credits would allow you to get back your investment more quickly and to allocate your resources to other priorities.

Great Solar Alarms Los Angeles Ca Benefits

solar alarmsThe world has seen the devastating effects of climate change.  In general, people have experienced extreme weather changes; with some having droughts and heat waves while others having delayed winters and unusually heavy rainfall.  Carbon footprints have been such a big problem that in 1996, California started funding programs that promote the use of environmentally-friendly devices and the reduction of carbon footprints.

Thanks to California’s energy efficient programs that has encouraged the rise of businesses such as Solar Alarms Los Angeles Ca, the state’s per capita energy consumption ranked 48th.  The idea behind saving the environment is preserving the future of the earth, a reason that climate change should be everyone’s concern.

However, the long term effects of opting for Solar Alarms and other green energy-powered devices are hardly put into consideration by some people.  Even if you have to deal with budget constraints, there are practical motivations and short term effects of making the change.  To begin with, solar power is a public good, which means that one has every right to acquire it, and that no one can be prevented from doing so.  Therefore, it is technically free.  For as long as you have the right equipment, using the sun’s energy for whatever purpose you may have is in your power.

Moreover, the kind of energy that Solar Alarms in Los Angeles Ca needs to operate is not affected by the market.  While motorists and other users of non-renewable energy sources are always on the lookout for the latest information on oil prices, those who take advantage of solar power to its fullest extent need not to worry themselves about such matters.  The rise in demand for equipment compatible with green energy has let businesses such as Solar Alarm providers in the Los Angeles area thrive.  With the various electrical services available, it is almost impossible for anyone not find something that suits their needs.

From the past decades up to the present, we have seen the erratic movements of oil prices.  As the costs of non-renewable energy sources have always been unpredictable, supporting your home automation system with it is not the wisest decision you can make.  Therefore, it is very necessary, for the sake of the environment and of finances as well, to look into low-maintenance and reliable sources of energy.  The rare instances that one’s personal duties and societal duties coincide, and the use of solar power is definitely one of them.

A Residential Electrician’s Advice on Electrical Safety

Electrician at work

Our homes are our haven.  It is our refuge after a long day at work, an exhilarating day at school,
or just simply a sanctuary to feel comfortable, secured and protected.  So as much as possible, we want perfect living conditions to settle permanently in our abode.

To achieve a convenient-filled life, we also fill our homes with home appliances that spell comfort for us.   However, these modern appliances are potential harbingers of hazards if installed and used incorrectly.  Manuals and warranties are made to make us aware of the appliance but not all of us have the time to read the fine prints.  It is highly suggested to acquire the expertise of Los Angeles Electrical Contractor to guide you with your home’s electrical needs. A quick guide from a residential electrician will also be helpful.

Here is a quick run-down on how to avoid electrical problems in your home.

  • Regularly clean appliances from residues that build up from within which later on can ignite a fire. Home appliances like ovens, hot plates, ignition range can accumulate fats and spilt foods.  Dust the lint from electric motors of exhaust fans.  It is best to have a record of service dates of defective appliances to ensure that these are still safe to use.
  • Inspect the cords of the appliances, a physical defect in the cord will tell you that it needs replacement to prevent further damage and accidents. Frayed or tattered cord exposes the live wire which can cause electrical shock, or worse, electrocution.  A cracked or broken power point switch needs replacement and a licensed residential electrician Los Angeles is your best point person.
  • Observe proper circuit load to prevent short circuits or overloaded circuits. The circuit breakers are designed to limit the power going through the electric system, so if you exceed the power limit in one circuit, there is a bigger chance of overloading the fuses. Always remember that extension cord only serves as a temporary replacement of power outlet.  Extensive usage can bring potential electric hazard.  A tangled extension cord can cause trip hazards while a constantly exposed cord frays it.
  • As a rule of thumb, all electrical appliances should be placed away from the water since water is an excellent electricity conductor. Therefore, in a case of electrical fire, a multi-purpose extinguisher should be used instead of water to prevent further damage.


Today is not too late for you to have your home’s electric system evaluated, contact an expert Los Angeles Electrical Contractor to gain peace of mind when it comes to your home safety.

How Can a Los Angeles County Residential Electrician Keep Your Home Safe this Summer?

A Residential Electrician_s Advice on Electrical Safety

Summer is just around the corner and with the rising temperature in LA, one must be very careful with killer heat waves that affect Los Angeles County during summertime. Fire incidence is high due to overworked AC systems and overheated electrical fan components. Now is the best time to call a Los Angeles residential electrician to check your AC systems electrical wiring before it’s too late.

Having your AC systems wiring checked is the best move a homeowner can make, hire a Los Angeles electrical contractor that is well versed in the electrical area. Remember, your life and property is on the line. When doing home renovations, it is important to get your old wiring checked and replaced if wires stability is in question. Wires that age or are susceptible to extreme heat can wear down and become faulty causing danger of short circuit fires.

Why Hire a Professional Los Angeles Electrician?

There are times you may want to save your money by doing the job yourself. Unless of course you are dealing with anything electrical related. Unless you are a professional electrician, it is very likely you may feel you fixed the problem temporarily but, often DIY repairs cause bigger electrical problems down the line. Saving money in the short term often has higher costs in the long run.

Find a professional electrician in Los Angeles, California that will provide full electrical contracting services for whatever type of project you may require such as:

  • Inspection of wiring systems
  • Cost estimates
  • Installation of lighting systems and fans
  • Installation of new electrical wiring
  • Service upgrades
  • A/C unit system installations and repairs
  • Retrofitting and cladding
  • Alarm installations and repairs
  • Solar Panel Installations and repairs

How to Avoid Electrical Overload

  • Avoid “Daisy Chain” connections. Low-quality extensions often cause short-circuit fires.
  • Turn off electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Don’t leave food cooking unattended; lower the fire if you need to leave the kitchen.
  • Avoid charging mobile phones and rechargeable batteries overnight.
  • Avoid using low-quality electrical material.
  • Consult a certified professional Los Angeles electrician; avoid DIY electrical projects if you are not skilled.
  • Avoid using all your electrical appliances at the same time.
  • Use a voltage regulator.
  • Use a circuit breaker.
  • Have your connections checked periodically.
  • Use the services of a reputable Los Angeles County residential electrician.

For your electrical needs, don’t settle for less than what you pay for. If outstanding services are what you want, just pick up the phone and call a professional.

Getting a Professional for Your Home Electrical Services

From Room to Home Workspace_ Getting a Professional for Your Home Electrical ServicesNeed a home workspace? Why not convert your extra room to a home office? While offering you some assistance with determining your needs so you can make the best home workspace for your business, here are important aspects to consider in establishing your home workspace and getting a professional electrical service contractor.

Choosing your Workspace

The kind of business you solicit from home is vital to deciding the sort, size, and area of the workspace you require. If you have a family and you would like to have home-based business, you need to consider important conditions to have a good family-business balance. Choose a different room then your workspace for privacy. You should pick a spot where there are minimal distractions. Select a spacious area so you can organize things properly. If your customers will visit your home, have a separate door for them to enter through if possible.

Planning it out!

You will enormously maximize your chances of assembling the most beneficial workspace at the least conceivable expense in the event that you plan ahead. Planning your workspace empowers you to consider the greater part of your needs and staying away from unreasonable mix-ups.

In the first place, figure out whether there are any remodels that must be finished. The second step is to take exact measurements of the room and make a scale drawing on paper, noting your floors, windows, entryways, electrical outlets, phone jacks, data outlets, and lights. You may consult a home designer to lay things for you. You may also get the help of Electrical Contractors LA for Home networking services and Home Electrical Services.

Revamping your workspace

Utilize your workspace at home with minimal renovations. This will help you save on costs. You need to consider a lot of things including the cost of remodeling your workspace. You may consult a contractor to do the work for you to ensure the work is done right.

Equipping your home office

Preparing and equipping your home office with the furniture, hardware, innovation, communication, electrical services and supplies that you should work your business requires considering three primary variables – business needs, individual comfort, and spending plan.

When you start your home office, you need equipment, furniture, technology, communication systems, and supplies.

In equipping your workspace the biggest factor to consider is budget and cost. You can get deals on furniture, computers, equipment and other miscellaneous.


Hiring the Best Professional Wiring and Home Networking Services to Ensure Connectivity

Convert Your Room into a Home Office_ Hiring the Best Professional Wiring and Home Networking Services to Ensure Connectivity

Converting a room in a home into a home office? Sounds familiar and easy to do but it will take some very important considerations. Do you have enough room in the home for an office? Even the littlest of spaces can be transformed into useful workspaces with a little creativity. Whether you telecommute or simply require a corner to call your own, there is an answer. Here are ways for successfully transforming your room into a home office and getting the best professional electrical services to ensure seamless connectivity, accessibility and safety.

Pick your spot wisely!

The initial step in making a home office out of a little space is to pick the spot wisely. Any vacant room – from the kitchen to the living room – can house a workstation yet the trick is to pick the area that is best to meet a businesses needs. Consider a spot where natural sunlight gets into the room or a space that makes focusing on projects easy and obtainable. Another important thing to consider in choosing the ideal spot is that it should be free from constant interruptions of opening and shutting of doors or massive furniture and dividers. The space must also be near electrical outlets, ports for internet and computers. Get the help of Electrical Contractors LA for wiring and home networking services.

Stylish detachment!

When settling on a space, find a way to divide the room if it is not standalone. This step is essential in the sense that a division of space will offer privacy. A divider is also very useful because it will create a room within a room if that is your only option. Be creative and make your space as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Get the best Electrical Contractors!

Another very important thing to consider in transforming your room into a home office is hiring the best professional wiring and electrical services to ensure that your business never loses a call or email. Having adequate ports for data, phones and electrical devices can make or break the success of a home office. Try not to hold out until you have six electronic devices going into one outlet, and you notice the lights flicker when you start your computer. Hire the best electrical service contractors who ensure proper installation of appropriate outlets.

Transforming a room into a home office will not be that easy but with creativity and the right electrical service contractor you are sure to be up and running in no time.