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Simple Hack in Preventing Your AC from Tripping the Circuit Breaker

simple-hacks-acThere may be instances wherein your air conditioning system would cause your circuit breaker to trip. This is mainly due to overheating and overloading of the AC, which could be attributed to several issues.

Among the initial causes of your AC overheating is having a dirty air filter. If it’s already clogged with debris, then it’s time to change it up. First check to see if the filter is still clean or if there’s an excess build up of dirt. This could lead to the AC running longer and working harder to provide the right cooling, which would in turn cause the electricity to short out. To resolve this, simply change your air filter. This should be able to fix the problem of the overheating, therefore preventing your circuit breaker from tripping.

Do take note that this is a minor solution to a minor issue relating to your air conditioning system. Once you notice that it goes beyond the simple DIY matters and more on the electrical side, then it’s time to call a trusted electrical contractor. It’s not worth it to risk your safety in dealing with potentially high voltage, high amperage, and high temperature situations.

Tips on Choosing A Reliable Electrician For Rewiring

Electrician at work

Having proper electrical wiring is crucial in a home. Old houses tend to have damaged wiring that often leads to faulty appliances, and even serious injuries and accidents. In order to avoid these, it’s important to consult an electrician who can perform total rewiring for both safety and better electrical performance throughout your home.



There are two kinds of estimates that you should receive from an electrical contractor with regards to wiring repairs—time and expenses. Check how much it costs to replace the wiring in your house and try to negotiate a price that suits your budget as well. Besides money, time is also of importance. It may take several days to finish the rewiring your house and might be inconvenient for you and your family.

Check Reviews

Recommendations and reviews can be easily found online nowadays, whether it’s found on the company’s website or Google, Yahoo or Yelp. These reviews will give you insight to the credibility of the electrician you’re looking to hire.

Offers Maintenance

Wiring and other electrical-related issues are not just one-time occurences. You must have an electrician who also offers regular maintenance check-ups at least annually, in order to assure that everything is in proper working condition and any signs of previous issues are resolved.

Start your search online for a reliable electrician within your area. Keeping these tips in mind before you zero in on one.